Sauna, Swimming and Summer

Summer is arriving thick and fast here in Helsinki so we thought we’d do as the Finns do and travel to Sauna! With a population of 5.3 million in Finland against a total of 2 million saunas its importance to these people is as clear as crystal. So, how could we not check it out! The sauna its self was rejuvenating! Leaving you with clearer skin and silkier hair, we’d definitely found our home. But before, the question every woman asks herself arrived, “What should I wear?”. With the heat nearly as high as our standards are our Sauna and Swimming approved cozies.

New Look Multi Coloured Stripe Plunge Back Swimsuit – 19.99


H&M Swimsuit with a frill €34.99


H&M Shaping Swimsuit – 29.99

untitled3.png striped

H&M Patterned swimsuit – € 34.99


Kappahl Uimapuku – €39.99



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